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DMZAAV & CMZAAV Remote Test Option 2021

Due to ongoing and uncertain government covid restrictions, it is necessary to provide remote online invigilation of your test this year as an option. Please select only ONE option below to state how YOU wish to take your upcoming test.  

THIS SELECTION IS FINAL and must be made by 5pm on 7th February 2021 (or it will be assumed you are postponing your test until 2nd September 2021 at your Regional Test Centre). 

Details of the online option on 12th March 2021: 

You will need:

Reliable wifi.

You college log in via Teams (Other accounts are not acceptable. Speak to IT ServiceDesk to reset passwords etc).

One camera on your computer facing you (in built or clipped on to the screen) AND one behind you, to film your work station and your screen for the duration of the test (often your phone propped up and plugged in). 

These need to be fully charged or plugged in.

You will be placed into a specific invigilator's group and will join a Teams invitation on your student email, which will be tailored for your specific time needs.  

(24 minutes per resit unit, two hours for the full papers each, with a mid way break).  

Pre agreed concession arrangements will still be provided of course.

You test paper will be submitted to Ledge and locked in restricted time slots. 

You cannot have anyone else enter the room at any time nor leave yourself. 

You cannot have access to any materials or the internet other than for the Teams meeting itself.

The invigilator will carry out checks of this before (you have to scan the room with your device) and at any time during the test (both cameras stay on throughout. Any doubt of this invalidates your test entry).

All other test rules in your handbook also apply. 

Alternatively you can opt to wait until the 2nd September 2021 where we ASSUME (restrictions dependant) that we will be able to run the test on paper, at your Regional Test Centre, in person.  

You may feel this will be too long after your learning for Units 1-10 however.  

The choice therefore is yours, in this extraordinary year.  

Penny Hounsome

Curriculum Leader - Zoo Animal Studies